Presentation and Public Speaking Skills in English

Are you an already experienced presenter in Finnish and want to learn to adapt your skills to suit English-speaking audiences? Are you an experienced English speaker but want to learn to use English with more clarity and coherence? Are you reluctant to even speak English and want to learn the vocabulary and techniques, as well as gain the confidence to give a presentation in English that will be understood?

English Language Presentation and Public Speaking skills is a course geared toward non-native English speakers in the Finnish context who are seeking to improve their ability to speak and present in English.

Who is this course for?

This course will benefit any non-native English speaker seeking to improve their ability to present more clearly in English including those with basic or advanced existing levels of English. If you regularly or will in the future give presentations to international or English-speaking audiences, use English at meetings or trainings and want to improve – this course is for you.